10 Reasons Why Not to Go on a Second Date


We all have had a bad first date. Some worst than others. After so many bad first dates, I took a sabbatical from dating and focused on my friends. It was a great tandem-my friends and I. I felt I was living the life of Carrie Bradshaw. It lasted for 2 years until I finally realized that my friends were all starting to settle into solid relationships while I still continued being the single gal. Well, they urged me to start dating again but, of course, it was another series of bad dates until I met my partner. Whew! After so many failed attempts, I actually went on a second date. Now, we've been together for several years. Thank God, at least now I don't have to go on any more first dates.

When I look back at all my dating mishaps, misfortunes, and misadventures, if ever it happens that I do become single again, I don't think I could go back to that kind of torture. I'd rather just stay single until I bump into the right man. Like serendipity. Anyways, I have my son who I can turn to for support if the right man doesn't come along. Just keep myself family-centered. Alone yes, but never lonely.

So, I made a compilation of reasons why not to go on a second date. Warning bells ding-ding-ding-ding. No, seriously this is just for laughs. Everone has different guidelines when it comes to dating and standards when looking for the one. Always remember, he/she may not be perfect but, he/she is right for you. It's always those little flaws that make you love your significant other even more.

Here are 10 hilarious reasons why not to go on a second date.  Take a look and have a hearty laugh.
Bad experience with dinner?
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1. If your date takes your spoon, fork, or anything for that matter while having dinner...Why in the world would you do that to a girl eating her food? I thought men disliked the idea of women not eating on a date and just ordering a salad. I guess this guy thought his date wasn't going to eat- he needed to protect his spring rolls.

2. If your date tells you he has never been in a serious relationship when you ask him "when was your last relationship?".
That means he has no intention of settling down. If that's the case, then why date? Maybe he's like Jerry Maguire before Dorothy Boyd who really is bad with intimacy. The whole "you complete me"  picture in your mind will not be happening with you or anyone else with this guy. Believe me.

3. If during the date, he/she can't seem to disengage from the rest of the world.
This is the type of person who needs attention. If he/she can't get it from you, he/she is going to get it from the virtual world or whatever way they can.
Dating tips 101, minimize the use of your devices. Take calls if they are important. Of course, take the call of your friend who's trying to bail you out from your bad date.
Can't seem to break away from his gadget
while on a date.
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4.If your date is cheap...
It's ok to go dutch on the first date, but if your date includes you taking some of his desserts and asks you to split that with him too because you had some then, that's being cheap. You could have just mentioned that you would rather dine in an inexpensive diner than a nice restaurant. No fault in being honest.

5. If his eating habits are a bit too extreme for you...
Ok...there are times in our lives when we are completely famished or talk while our mouths are full or even leave our mouths agape with chewed food inside. When we do these things, somewhere out there, bits of food are spewed out. Plus, messy eating is only cute on kids. On adults, make sure you have a table napkin. Well, if you have the ability to look away from all that because he's such a charming man, then, by all means, go on a second date. I dare you too.

6. If she can drink you under the table...I actually knew a girl who could drink a bottle of vodka in one sitting. Yes, it was bottoms up and it took her about 10 minutes to do it. I was clearly impressed that she could hold her liquor so well-that was for about 30 minutes. What happened after that wasn't a pretty picture. The men with us didn't seem to like that.

7. If your date says that you don't look like your profile picture.
Dating services are a dime a dozen and it's sort of like Facebook in a way- pretty picture, pretty profile, pretty everything. Everyone looks better in the digital world and sounds better too. Then, of course, you both agree to meet each other for the first time. Instead of giving you a compliment as any gentleman would, he looks at you disappointed and says "You're prettier in your picture". I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder..but at least try and see if she has a stunning personality. Like you can call yourself a perfect ten. Dating etiquette 101, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. Unless she has dirt on her face, then you have to tell her.
Kermit is drunk. What about his date?
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8. If your date is so into himself...This is one of my pet-peeves. Gosh, can you actually hear yourself? If you think you are " God's gift to women", then why are you still single? It's not because you can't find the one. You are living in La-la land while the rest of us live on the planet Earth.

9. If your date turns out to be creepy...If there's something off about your date then, better scram. There's a trending story of an off-duty cop who bailed out a woman from a really bad date. Also heard that there's a certain drink a woman can order if her date turns out to be a creep. The bartender and bouncers will intervene. Cool right?

10. If your date turns out to be...an animal.
Uh, do I really have to elaborate on this one? Unless you're into that whole inter-species thing. Should I go on?

Putting yourself out there and dating is really hard. It's sort of trying to present yourself as this nicely wrapped gift but, when the person unwraps you, he/she is so clearly disappointed. It really gets to your self-esteem. But, don't get discouraged...there is someone out there for you that is destined for you alone. It's similar to hide and seek. You have to play It. Olly Olly oxen free... Come out, come out wherever you are. (Updated November 18,2017)