Sleeping in the Nude- Bliss or Miss?

Many people have different routines and sleeping habits. One of them is either sleeping in their birthday suit or in pyjamas. But is sleeping in the nude bliss or a miss?

Do you sleep in the nude? I used to but, after some mishaps, I decided it would be better to cover up.
Before I revert back to my more serious blog about life as a mother, a martyr, and whatnots, let's tackle a lighter yet enlightening topic.
Sleeping in the nude.
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A lot of people sleep naked. When I was younger, I also did the same. The Philippines is in the tropics so, it's humid and warm- makes you feel sticky just thinking about it. Airconditioning, when I was growing up, was expensive and so you had to deal with the heat with low-cost electric fans which in my opinion doesn't do much since the circulating air is so warm. Now, air conditioners are relatively affordable (a small window type aircon running on .5 hp sells for 5000 Php ($100)) and there are a lot of brands to choose from. Basically, sleeping in the nude was the ideal thing to do at night. Just as long as your room is mosquito and roach free. This is the bliss side. At least you don't sweat as much and since you aren't burning hot from the sweltering heat (most especially during the dry season). Another bliss- no need for pajamas. Less laundry. I know, people can be lazy.

So what are the misses? Let me enumerate:

1. What if there's an earthquake or a fire or if someone breaks into your home while you are asleep? I know these are all worse case scenarios. Let's face it though, things like these happen when we are at our most vulnerable. In all honesty, it has happened to me. An earthquake shook in the early morning hours. While everyone was already out of their homes and gathering on the street, I was trying to find something to cover myself up with. By the time I was able to get myself out of my room and out the front door, the shaking had stopped. What if it was a mega-quake that shook? I was lucky. The next time, maybe not. Let'ss be vigilant.

2. Pests are usually nocturnal. Roaches, rats, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites and you have the occasional if you don't want these unwanted visitors to bite you in areas where the sun don't shine, better cover up.

3. Unfortunately for women, there's the monthly flow. I don't think sleeping in the raw with a tampon will keep those sheets clean. Pads are annoying but better double up. A blood stain on those sheets makes double the laundry for you.

4. For those who take some kind of dietary supplement or pill that deals with increase metabolism of carbs or cholesterol or on a special diet, it's a really bad idea to sleep nude. I've heard the stories of an accident happening while asleep. It's not very appetizing. Plus the stains and the smell just won't go away with regular washing. A special mixture of white vinegar with baking soda is needed to clean the sheets and the mattress.

5. If you don't live alone and share a place with a roommate or roommates and are in a co-ed kind of arrangement, unless you are friends with benefits, it's not a good idea to be in your birthday suit while sleeping unless it's known in advance. Otherwise, it's a whole lot of mess. Most especially for visiting parents of flatmates- it's quite a shock and gives them the wrong ideas regarding their baby girl if you know what I mean.

6. Some people are prone to night sweats. Although it is advisable for them to shed off some clothing for sleeping, I don't think you want all that sweat on your sheets. There are a number of people who experience night sweats, most often than not, they have an existing illness...for women, it may be menopause.
Sleeping in pajamas.
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7. It's all for the love of clean sheets. A thin piece of clothing should be good enough to mimic sleeping in the nude. Just keep your robe nearby, just in case there's a bump in the night.

Everyone deserves a good night's rest. Whether you do sleep in the nude or are wearing clothes, what matters that nothing disturbs what people need most, sleep.


  1. My mom walked in on me sleeping. She couldn't look me in the eye for a week.


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