The Top 10 Dentures (False Teeth) Pop Outs!

Watch out! Dentures are popping out!
Image credit: Pixabay
When I was young, my father's dentures would pop out at the most inopportune times. While we were having dinner, while he was drinking with his buds (it happened when he would get tipsy), and when he was lecturing us about life (it was hard to keep a straight face when it happened; I didn't want a decrease in my allowance). Yes, my father was aware of the denture cream that you can apply to keep your dentures in place, but I think he was lazy about the clean-up plus when we moved to the Philippines, it wasn't available. I only have seen advertisements about denture adhesive recently. It's like we're 20 years behind. Anyway, if I had a video camera with me back then and was able to catch it on cam, it would have been a great collection to watch over and over again. Reminiscing about being a kid has its perks.

It's not a usual sight and it's not often caught on video. But when it happens, it has us falling to the floor with laughter.

Here are the top 10 denture pop outs out there...
10.  Grandpa here, kiddos...let's play peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo. Now you see them. Now you don't. Grandpa Flaunts 'Em

9. Grandma may not be able to dance, but she can really move those dentures around her mouth. I guess she likes watching basketball games where all those players move their mouthguard around their mouths. I still am amazed at the number of times those players can detach and reinsert their mouthguards with their hands at each game. The poor basketball must be full of their saliva. Grandma's Dancing Dentures.

8. I don't think this man was pleased when his team lost the game. I guess that was his way of saying "boo, we lost the game". Pretty ingenious. No cussing, just a play of bared teeth. The Losing Coach

7. I'm driving. I have the wind in my hair...I'm having a great time... What the?!? Grandpa was having such a great time. I bet in real life, these people who were actually there to catch it on video couldn't stop laughing. Grandpa Driving Dentures.

6. I'm so happy... Oops! Don't rain on his parade. He looked so genuinely pleased with himself. Makes me feel good that he is so happy. Happy Guy Loses It

5. I can do much better than the rest of you.-Grandpa Simpson
Homer Simpson's dad is the best among the rest. His denture fails and mishaps in the famous cartoon series never fail to make me laugh. And he has so many of them. Grandpa Simpson Denture Fail

4. It's my wedding and I'll let them dunk if I want to...
It's her wedding day...she will never forget her wedding day. Neither will the groom, nor her family and the entire virtual world for that matter. Bride's Wine Teeth

3. All I need is a clown costume and some clown makeup and I can be IT, Pennywise the clown. The beard on fire is overkill but does make him extra creepy. There's a spider in my beard!

2. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Nana! Happy birthday to you! Blow the candles, Nana! Whoops! I guess with the force of the blow, she blew out her dentures instead. She has powerful lungs for a 102-year old. I'm envious. Check out her video here- Birthday Grandma  Cake Grandma

1. I serve the people. I will rally for the rights of the people. I am their voice. Listen to me speak...ah that didn't just happen? Or did it? Korean Politician's Teeth Pop out   Indian Politician's Flying Teeth
I think that denture adhesive company should make it their mandate to provide politicians their expert care. A good way to advertise the ability of the adhesive. You can catch the whole video of the politician above on youtube. He picked his dentures up from the ground and put them back in his mouth. In front of all those news reporters. I know right?

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Laughter is always the best medicine! Keep smiling!