Making Pancakes is So Easy with Magnolia Pancake Plus Shake and Squeeze Bottle

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Who doesn't love pancakes? Whether for breakfast or a quick snack, pancakes are a simple dish that can be prepared quickly. Topped with either sugar, butter, your choice of fruit, or maple, strawberry, or chocolate syrup, pancakes are a treat to have and can perk up your mornings aside from your usual cuppa.

As I was strolling around our nearby grocery store, I saw a promo that I couldn't pass up. Two boxes of Magnolia Pancake Plus (syrup included) with a free Magnolia Shake and Squeeze bottle for 66 Php (roughly a $1.25 USD). To tell you honestly, when I make pancakes, I usually have a hard time getting all the lumps and making my pancake batter smooth. Also, sometimes making the pancakes of equal length and size becomes a problem when I don't use an ice cream scoop when I cook. So, I was very willing to give this shake and squeeze bottle a try.

I followed the instructions located in the back of the promo bag after washing my new shake and squeeze bottle and of course, testing if there were any holes. Free stuff sometimes comes with flaws, so I prefer to test bottles and canisters before I use them just to be sure. This bottle seemed to be in good condition. I did feel uneasy about the cap of the bottle coming off. It did snap on but it was also easy to snap off. I just had to make sure that while I was shaking, one of my hands would keep the cap in place.

Magnolia Promo Pack with free Shake and Squeeze Bottle. Image credit: The Tired Mama-Ph
I poured some water to the level indicated on the bottle. I added the contents of 1 box of Magnolia Pancake Plus mix in the bottle. Although the recipe only calls for "just add water", I prefer adding one medium sized egg into the mix. My pancakes are a bit fluffier when I do. If you want your pancakes creamier, you can substitute the water for milk. I mean, your pancakes so, your rules. Now, after adding all the ingredients in the bottle, snap the cap in place and start shaking as vigorously as you can.

After about 3 minutes (instructions say 1 but I just wanted to make sure) of vigorous shaking (it seemed like a workout), I opened the bottle to check for lumps, I was surprised to see that it was smooth with just a few bubbles. Usually, when I whisk up a bowl of pancake batter I get a lot of tiny air bubbles. I have to let it sit for a couple of minutes for the bubbles to go away on their own. I let the bottle sit for about a minute, I checked again and the batter was completely smooth. Now, it's time to cook some pancakes. While I let my batter sit, I preheated my greased pan so it would be ready and hot enough to cook.

I squeezed the bottle and made a circular motion from the center of the pan the outside as if making a spiral. The lines coalesced to make an even layer of pancake. When I use a scoop to add batter to the pan, the middle is a bit thicker than the ends. Using this bottle, everything was even and smooth. You can tell from the bubbles on the top that the pancake was cooking evenly. I usually get a dark brown middle while the ends/sides come out golden brown. This time I got a perfect golden brown pancake.

The box says it makes 12 mini pancakes but, I was able to make 6 well-proportioned pancakes. Not too big, not too small. I topped the pancakes with maple syrup and we dug right in. Yum!

I give a Thumbs Up to the Magnolia Squeeze and Shake Bottle! I hope the bottle lasts; the plastic of the bottle is a bit thin- may wear out eventually. That's why I'm planning to buy another in light blue if I can find it. I forgot to mention, the shake and squeeze bottle comes in 3 colors: cream (which I have), light blue, and pink.

I'd recommend this to mommies. It's easy to use and since you are only using the bottle to make your batter, you don't have a lot of washing to do after. Through the usual conventional way, you have to wash the batter bowl, whisk, and scoop. So, this bottle is totally convenient.

So, what are you waiting for grab a shake and squeeze bottle and start making perfect pancakes! Eat, drink and be merry!

A stack of delicious pancakes.
How to Make Pancakes Using the Shake and Squeeze Bottle:

Pancake Recipe:

1. Pour water up to the level indicated on the bottle (may substitute for milk). Add contents of the 1 box of Magnolia Pancake Plus Mix (do not include syrup) into the bottle. May add egg (optional).

2. Shake for about 1-3 minutes or until batter is free from lumps. Let batter sit for 1 minute if there are bubbles. Pre-heat greased pan.

3. Squeeze batter unto heated pan.

4. Cook until edges appear dry (or when the top is completely covered with bubbles). Flip over and cook until the lower layer is golden brown.

5. Serve with your choice of syrup, with or without butter, fruit or you may serve with sugar or honey. Enjoy!


  1. This is nice to know that pancakes are now even more easy to make and the bottle lessens items and utensils to wash. Will get one too. Thanks for the review.

    1. My pleasure Lani! Your kids will love using the bottle as well.


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