Legit Online Survey Sites Open for Philippine Residents

The worldwide web opens many opportunities and possibilities for people to earn, to have their opinions heard, and "get themselves out there" even in the confines of their homes. Your opinions matter...thus, survey sites abound and they are willing to pay you for your honest opinions and whatever you'd have to say about consumer products, insurance, cars, social media, government and politics, business, and everyday life as you know it.

In all honesty, with the number of sites that do scam online users trying to make a quick buck, I was a bit skeptical about registering to these websites. Of course, I did my research and read reviews from others who swear that they do earn a bit off these survey sites. After some consideration, last January, I joined several survey sites to test whether the reviews are true. I have found several legit survey sites open to Filipinos residing in the Philippines but, I recommend only 5. Yes, there are so many survey sites that you can find on the web, unfortunately, not all of them are open to Philippine residents. It was a bummer registering and getting "your country is not yet supported by our company" email. Do take note, these sites only offer you the opportunity to earn a bit of cash on the side and one must have a Paypal account to redeem his/her earnings although some sites offer other forms of payouts. Registering to these sites is absolutely free but, require your full name and a valid email account (usually the name and email address linked to your PayPal account). Make sure all personal information you submit is valid because you will not be able to change any information you have provided. Also, some of these sites only allow 1 account per household. You may gather more information about each site through their FAQs page.

The sites I highly recommend may provide you with a small monthly allowance meaning you have the opportunity of at least redeeming once a month. These sites provide a large number of surveys and payouts for surveys are not bad. They even provide surveys that pay up to 200 pesos ($4USD) if you are ever qualified to enter. Usually, these high paying surveys are surveys that tackle finances, luxury consumer products, and insurance. Moreover, the number of points you need to accumulate before redemption isn't difficult to obtain, therefore, it won't take long for you to redeem a little extra cash.

I have also listed legit sites which I do not recommend. Why don't I recommend these sites?

1. Surveys which you have qualified to enter suddenly screen out in the middle of the survey or at the end during submission. It happened to me numerous times for 1 site. I would understand if this particular modus happens at all sites. Nope, it only happens for this one particular site.

2. Surveys are said to be only 10-15 minutes long with a certain amount of points offered. Unfortunately, the survey you enter goes on to be an hour long. The points credited, I believe, is not sufficient enough for your effort.

3. Survey site only allows you to enter surveys via PC.

4. Survey site does not produce a high number of surveys for its members or offers surveys with low payout. You'll be lucky if you get a survey once a month and if you do get one, it's worth peanuts.

Please note, for you to earn a bigger income, I suggest joining multiple sites. Sites update their survey list differently so for optimum output, join the sites which for you are more promising in terms of income. I am currently an active respondent in 7 sites. Everyday, I have at least 1-3 pending surveys that require my attention. Usually, I enter and participate in surveys via email notification.

5 Legit Survey Sites Open for Philippine Residents (Recommended)

I rate this as the best survey site of the five since, after each survey done, your points are automatically audited. You also get a point or 2, if you do not qualify as a respondent for the survey. You will only need to accumulate a minimum of 2500 points in order to redeem and this amounts to $5USD. You also have the option of accumulating your points for a bigger redemption. Once you have accumulated the minimum amount of points, you can redeem through Paypal. The whole amount of $5USD is sent to your account without a fee. It takes 2-7 days for the amount to be transferred to Paypal.
Viewfruit not only allows you to earn through surveys, they also have a spin wheel which you are allowed to spin as a prize for completion of a survey to earn more points. You can also earn through referrals. You may also join a team (maximum of 5 members). This allows you the possibility of earning through your teammates if, for example, you did not qualify or complete a survey. If a member on your team completes the survey in question, you are also awarded points.

Viewfruit comes with its own mobile app so, you can participate in surveys while on the go.

Click here to join View fruit and start earning!

Toluna is a well- known international survey site which also has its own "regional" office here in the Philippines. Toluna offers its members to earn not only through surveys but also through referrals, sponsored content and by posting your own survey. Each vote you cast for polls under sponsored content awards you an additional 15 points each and each survey that you have created will also award you additional points although there is a minimum number of respondents needed. Moreover, you can earn points immediately upon registering by answering their profile questions. You need to accumulate a minimum of 20400 points (equivalent to 250 Php) to redeem through Paypal or you can use it to redeem a gift card instead. Like Viewfruit, the whole amount of 250Php will be accredited to your account without a fee. It takes a minimum of 7 days to 6 weeks for the amount to be transferred to Paypal.

Click here to join Toluna PH and start earning!

This was the first survey site I registered to, just to test if survey sites were for real. After redeeming my first 1000 points from this site, I went on the search for other legit survey sites open to Philippine residents.
The things I like about Ipanel is that every time you log in, you get a point and every time you make a comment, you also get 1 point. So, if you log in every day to check if you have a pending survey and make an honest comment in their member's opinion thread, you can earn an extra 60 points per month. If in the event that you do not qualify as a respondent to a given survey, you are given 1-2 points for the effort. Of course, you also earn through referrals. One thing I dislike about Ipanel PH, unlike Viewfruit and Toluna wherein points of completed surveys are awarded almost immediately, Ipanel PH takes its sweet time to award members their points. It goes through an auditing process which, if you are lucky, may take days but goes as far as 6 weeks. So, instead of redeeming right away, your earnings are put on hold until audited.
You need a minimum of 1000 points (equivalent to 500Php) to redeem. It takes 2-7 days for the amount to be transferred to your Paypal account and is converted into USD currency. Unfortunately, Paypal takes a fee so, don't be surprised if only $8.90 gets credited to your account.

Click here to join Ipanel PH and start earning!

This is a survey site that I only recently joined. I've seen some positive reviews and thought that maybe I should give this site a try.

They have various ways for you to earn, from joining contests sponsored by their site, posting a quick poll of your own (you need a minimum of 100 respondents to earn 200 points), or voting in some of the quick polls of the members (1 point each with a maximum of 3 points daily) aside from the usual survey and referrals. Each month you are awarded 100 extra points for being an active member. You need a minimum of 20000 points (equivalent to $2USD) to redeem. Please take note that points are valid for 180 days from the last login. I am happy to announce that just after 2 weeks, I was able to reach the minimum amount of points to redeem.

Surveyon also has its own mobile app that you can download to participate in surveys while on the go.

Click here to join Surveyon and start earning now!

5. Mobrog

Mobrog provides surveys in the amount of Philippine pesos. The longer the survey, the higher the amount. Unfortunately, the only other way to earn aside from surveys is by sending a referral link to your friends. Your friends have to qualify for 3 surveys for you to be eligible for a 25Php referral fee.  You need to accumulate 250 Php for you to be eligible to redeem. I have yet to redeem since I have only started focusing some of my attention on this site.
Update: As of today, July 23, I have reached the minimum amount needed to redeem.

Click here to join Mobrog today and start earning!
Companies need your feedback to follow the latest trends to provide consumer satisfaction. Image credit: Pixabay

Worthy of mentioning but not highly recommended online survey sites:

Globaltest market
The Panel Station
Quest Mind share
Viewpoint Panel
Panel Champ
Paid Viewpoint

Although I have joined these survey sites, it's not easy to earn and although some sites come with a few bells and whistles to attract more users, these attractions actually don't pay up.  I recommend the 5 above because those sites are easy to navigate and understand and of course, they pay.

InstaGC is a GPT ("get paid to") site and has other ways to earn aside from doing surveys like watching videos, signing up for an app or playing games. I have completed tasks asked in InstaGC but, my efforts were not rewarded. Maybe I didn't do the tasks correctly...maybe you may be better at completing tasks on InstaGC than me. I believe that InstaGC serves as a middleman since this site houses numerous "sub-sites" for you to choose from. I have completed long surveys (over an hour long) and was awarded minute amount of points for my effort which if I had completed with the survey sites I listed above, it would have constituted to a bigger equivalent. You need a minimum of 100 points (equivalent to 1USD) to redeem. If you want to try your luck with InstaGC click here.
* Update: After one month and many written complaints about not being awarded points for done tasks and surveys, I have finally reached the minimum needed points and have redeemed through Paypal. I will no longer be participating in tasks but, will continue to check if I am eligble for their daily survey that awards me 70 points when completed. I have so many missing points from offers presented by their sponsors that are still unaccounted for and I have not been given any feedback for most of my complaints.

The Panel Station
The Panel Station, on the other hand, seems to have the knack of screening you out right in the middle of an ongoing survey, if not, right during the submission of a completed survey. I have been an active participant for 6 months now and I have yet to redeem. I calculate, if none of the mishaps did occur, I would have been eligible to redeem maybe 4 months ago. I only continue since I am nearing my first redemption. After which, I will discontinue participating using this site. I feel like I have been scammed each time the errors happen. Maybe, it's just me. Maybe you'll have better luck with this site.

Unlike the sites I recommend, there aren't other ways to earn being offered aside from just answering surveys. They do offer a variety of rewards though, from Lazada to Amazon gift cards aside from cash through Paypal and they also have an affiliate program if you are a publisher.

For your first redemption, you need to accumulate 3000 points. According to their site, after you have done that you are allowed to redeem with fewer accumulated points. I'm not sure if this is true since I have yet to redeem. Will update this post when I have done it.
Update: As of last month, I was able to reach the minimum of 3000 points which I immediately cashed out. After cashing out and receiving my earnings, I now know that I only need 250 points to be eligible to redeem again.

Globaltest Market
Globaltest market is primarily a survey site that requires most of its surveys to be done using PC/laptop. Only 1 account is allowed per household and redemption requires you to amass a huge amount of accumulated points. The bright side is when you do redeem the amount is also a huge amount (somewhere near 2000 Php- 3000Php or $40-$60 USD). 

As for Quest Mind Share, The Viewpoint Panel, and Panel Champ, YouGov, and Paid Viewpoint they do not provide users with surveys at a regular interval. Maybe 1 survey a month that's if you are lucky and surveys are not high priced. There is also the issue of the high amount of points needed for you to accumulate before redemption. You may want to skip these sites and focus on the more rewarding survey sites that allow you various ways to earn.
Update: I recently updated my profile in YouGov and changed survey frequency to "as frequent as possible". Now, I have been receiving surveys at least once a day from this site. Needed accumulated points is 5000 (equivalent to 950Php or $20USD). After 10 days of daily surveys, I have reached 1000 points. Points are low but, surveys are not that long and are easy to answer.
Trends tend to fluctuate. To predict these trends, companies need people to answer surveys and they are willing to pay you for your opinion. Image credit: Pixabay

With the first 3 sites that I highly recommend, I have earned about $100USD (January-May). Yes, it's not much but, it's extra money that I use to purchase items online. If you have a bank account linked to your Paypal account, this money can be saved to be used for Christmas (which many users I have encountered tend to do).

So, Pinoys what are you waiting for? Answering surveys isn't time-consuming and it's a way to have our voices heard. Mommies, you can use the money to buy your kids toys, books, bags, or clothes online or save it for a birthday party, tuition, or of course, for CHRISTMAS. Sign-up and start earning through these survey sites today!

Happy earning!

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