MY San Happy Time Assortment vs. Rebisco Maxi Mix Buckets: Which one is better?

*This is not a sponsored post. It is an honest review.

Kids love cookies and biscuits for son especially. One day, as we entered our neighborhood grocery store, my son ran directly to a display area of "buckets" of assorted cookies and biscuits. He was enamored with the MY San Happy Time Assortment bucket which is quite colorful and attractive to children. I decided to get him that bucket of goodies first and decided to try the Rebisco Maxi Mix next. While one bucket's contents were consumed quite quickly, the other remains to be untouched. So, I decided to write about the two.
Both the MY San Happy Time and Rebisco Maxi Mix are both the same price at 272 Php (under $6 USD), both have the same shape bucket although one is colorful and the other is in brown, and the same weight in cookies and biscuits (1.5kg). The true difference lies with the cookies and the biscuits in each bucket. My son preferred the cookies and biscuits from one bucket than the other.  I base my judgment on the fact that my son finished the majority of one bucket, while the other seems to be left for his father and me to eat. Eating 1.5 kg of assorted biscuits and cookies are certainly becoming a challenge.

I got my buckets from the HB1 Pharmacy and Convenience Store of NCCC. I have recently found out that the Rebisco Maxi Mix costs a bit more than the MY San Happy Time Assortment bucket if purchased at SM supermarkets.

So, let's dissect each bucket to see what goodies are in there. Remember, each child is different and prefers different things and foods to eat. This review is written for parents to provide some insight on what's inside these buckets before purchasing.

MY San Happy Time Assortment Bucket

MY San Happy Time Assortment 1.5Kg bucket. Image credit: The Tired Mama-ph

MY San Happy Time Assortment bucket is colorful on the outside with its blue and red colors and attractive to kids with illustrations of children having a "happy time". Actually, I believe these illustrations were put there to remind adults of today the happy times we all had as children, growing up with Monde MY San cookies and biscuits. Monde MY San is no stranger to the Filipinos. They have been producing cookies and biscuits since 1935. Their most popular products are Sky Flakes crackers and Fita biscuits. And yes, these 2 are included in the MY San Happy Time Assortment bucket. However, the Sky Flakes cracker in the Happy Time Assortment is square and not its usual rectangular shape. I have read reviews from people who say the square cracker doesn't taste good. Uhm, I think your mind would change knowing now that it's Sky Flakes you are eating and not some random cracker. 

The cookies and biscuits in the My San Happy Time bucket are placed in partitions that help separate one from the other. Also, there is no heavy scented cookie or biscuit that is mixed with the assortment, thus each cookie, cracker, and biscuit retains its original flavor without being overpowered by one.

The MY San Happy Time Assortment Bucket contains:
  • Classic crackers (Sky Flakes)40
  • Fita biscuits (The Filipino version of Ritz)
  • Sugar Wafers
  • Cream-filled cookie sandwiches (which tasted like gingerbread cookies)
  • Marie biscuits ( another popular biscuit which tastes like vanilla)

My son enjoyed eating most of the selections included in the MY San Happy Time Assortment bucket. Of course, he did not like the classic crackers so that was left for his father to eat ( he loves his Sky Flakes). When the bucket's contents were all finally consumed, my son turned the bucket into a toy storage where all his favorite toys are now placed.

Rebisco Maxi Mix Bucket

Rebisco Maxi Mix 1.5Kg bucket. Image credit: The Tired Mama-ph

Rebisco Maxi Mix bucket has a deep color brown front with a beige back and a golden yellow top and showcases its contents with pictures of the cookies and biscuits on its side. For me, the bucket has a more 'conservative' look. Yes, the bucket may not be as attractive to kids but I was more into the contents rather than the packaging. I wanted to know if my son would like what Rebisco had to offer in its Maxi Mix bucket.

The top of the bucket is quite difficult to open which is good as it assures you that its contents will be kept fresh. Unlike the MY San Happy Time Assortment bucket, cookies and biscuits aren't placed in a partition, instead, are layered or piled in a huge plastic bag. Of course, without the partitions, the cookies and biscuits have a tendency to get all mixed up. As you can see through my picture, the contents of the bucket I purchased are now all jumbled up.

Rebisco Maxi Mix contents in the plastic bag. Image credit: The Tired Mama-ph

The Rebisco Maxi Mix bucket contains:

  • Classic crackers
  • Vanilla cream cookie sandwiches
  • Butter crackers
  • Sesame biscuits (sprinkled with sugar)
  • Triple Choco Cracker Wafer Sandwiches (also known as Combi)
  • Wafers (which may be either choco, vanilla, or strawberry and contains 1 flavor only. Does not indicate which flavor is in the bucket. So, it's a surprise.)
  • Strawberry shortcakes (tasted like Dewberry Strawberry and goes well with afternoon tea)
The Rebisco Maxi Mix bucket has more choices. One thing I noticed though is that the strawberry shortcakes' jelly filling is a bit overwhelming and somehow its flavor and scent rubbed off on the other cookies and biscuits. Sadly to say, everything tastes like strawberry even the supposedly choco cookie sandwiches. For me, I don't mind... I like strawberry. But for my son, he complained everything smelled and tasted the same. Now, his father and I are stuck trying to finish a 1.5 kg bucket of cookies. As I publish this post, we are only halfway done. Ugh!

So which one is better?

Really depends on who's going to eat it. Everyone has preferences. Since the buckets of assorted cookies and biscuits were bought for my son, he served as the judge and preferred MY San Happy Time over Rebisco Maxi Mix. For me, I  preferred the cream-filled cookie sandwiches that tasted like gingerbread from the MY San Happy Time Assortment bucket and the strawberry shortcakes from the Rebisco Maxi Mix. Well, since it is for my son, I will be getting the MY San Happy Time Assortment Bucket the next time I head to the grocery store.

How about you? Have you tried any of these buckets of assorted cookies and biscuits? Which one do you prefer?

'Til next time. Happy snacking!

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