Shopping online on Lazada is now better with Pera Swipe

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There are a lot of e-commerce sites in the Philippines but nothing beats Lazada. Based on YouGov PH, a known survey site, the preferred e-commerce site according to respondents of a recent survey regarding online-shopping here in the Philippines is Lazada. I, for one, am a patron of this e-commerce site. And now shopping online on Lazada is even better thanks to an app called "Pera Swipe" (literally translates to "money swipe").

There are things that I can only get from Manila and to do so, I shop online on Lazada. You can take this as a testimonial of sorts because for one thing, I live all the way here in Davao City. With the added distance from Manila, chances are items being delivered can get 'lost in translation'. Or, they can get damaged due to mishandling. So far, Lazada has not let me down. Items are well wrapped, brand new, and in good condition upon arrival at my front door. I guess, the addition of a minimal " shipping fee" assures delivery of my purchased items in good condition or I'm just lucky. I hope it's because of the former.

Why shop on Lazada?

Actually, the main reason why I shop online using Lazada is the methods of payment. Lazada accepts payments made through PayPal and they also do COD (cash on delivery). I usually make my payment through PayPal. PayPal holds the money that I receive from online work. So, instead of tapping into the usual household's finances, I use the PayPal money to pay for online purchases.

Other reasons why you should shop on Lazada are:

  • Lazada always has a promo or a sale going on with many items at discounted prices. There are a lot of really good deals that you can get. Many of the discounted items are those usually needed by mothers like baby items, formula, toys, children's clothing, school supplies and bags even diapers and baby wipes. I missed out on a great deal on an HP printer. It sold for under 1000Php (under $20 USD) and since it was cheap, went out of stock quickly.
  • Lazada provides shoppers with reliable and fast delivery and a tracking code for items being shipped so you can track your package. They also send you an email notification if the package is to be delivered within 24 hours so you know when to wait for your item. If, however, you can not claim the package yourself, you just have to either print out a copy of the confirmation email sent to you by Lazada with all the necessary details of your purchase or write an authorization letter authorizing whomever it is you have waiting to receive your package. Do remember to leave an ID with your authorized representative to support your claim.
  • Lazada provides shoppers with vouchers or coupons so you can get a discount on top of what the site is already offering you. As a welcome gift for new users of the Lazada app, the site gives a 100 Php voucher. You can search for vouchers using the Lazada mobile app.
  • Lazada hasn't had many issues regarding scams. I have seen some stories circulating on social media sites about being scammed by Lazada but, none of them were confirmed.
  • Lazada makes refunds. Apparently, an item that I purchased which was part of their Taobao collection (Taobao is a popular e-commerce site in China) went out of stock. After receiving my email notification that they would be refunding the money, a minute later, my money was back in my PayPal account. 
  • Lazada offers items from Taobao e-commerce site as part of their Taobao Collection without any additional shipping fees since items are from China and Korea. Also, they offer special discounts for items in this collection.
  • Lazada offers shoppers reviews from verified purchases made by other shoppers. After your item has been delivered, Lazada will send you an email asking you to give a short review of your experience. You can give a rate of 1 star-5 stars for the item and the seller separately and write a short comment why you rate them that way. This gives shoppers insight into whether or not it is a good buy and to put your minds at ease if you are worried about being scammed.
  • Lastly, Lazada partnered with the Pera Swipe app allows you to get weekly discount vouchers without any minimum purchase, a cash back on purchases made, and so much more.
Some of my recent purchases from Lazada. a.) DIY Solar System Model b.) Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter (1.3kg) c.) Carribean Oven d.) The Anti-theft Backpack where I was able to get a 15% discount using Pera Swipe

What is "Pera Swipe"?

"Pera Swipe-You Swipe, We Pay" is a mobile reward app that you can download for free at the Play Store. Basically, you earn "money" from swiping although the points earned with their cash equivalent doesn't translate to actual money in your hands. Instead, it increases your spending power.

Don't have the "Pera Swipe" app yet? Download it here>> PERA SWIPE. Use my referral ID: thetiredmamaph to receive 555 points. No referral gets you only 100 points upon registering. So, remember my referral ID to get the 555 points.

I can say, the "Pera Swipe" app is like a goldmine. You earn points by swiping ads on your lock screen. The catch is you have to be online (either through wi-fi or cellular data) for your points to be counted.  More swiping means more points and more points equates to a bigger cash equivalent. "Pera Swipe" also provide tasks in the form of "events" that allows users to earn more points aside from the usual swiping since there is a limit on how many points you can accumulate via swiping in a day. You can also get the chance to win movie tickets for upcoming flicks through some of Pera Swipe's events. Sometimes, Pera Swipe offers a "Swipe for 1000 Points" day that allows you to swipe up to 1000 points. Points earned can be used to buy prepaid credits for your phone, top-ups for Cliqq App (7-Eleven) or Lazada e-wallet, and for gamers, top-ups for certain online games.  As for shopping online on Lazada, you can get weekly vouchers that offer a discount without any minimum purchase, you can get a 5%-10% cash back on certain purchases, and now as of their recent update, you can also top-up your Lazada e-wallet to make more purchases. Also, users have a chance of winning more points by sharing their shopping experience purchasing items on Lazada through this amazing app. 50,000 points await the lucky winner that shares their testimonial using Lazada via the Pera Swipe app.

How to activate Lazada e-wallet

The newest update of Pera Swipe now has more choices for you on how to use your points. I'm really happy about the Lazada e-wallet. Now, I can use my accumulated points for Lazada. Yay to more shopping!

To activate e-wallet:
1. Login to your Lazada account via website or app and click on "account" located at the sidebar.
2. Click on e-wallet. Lazada will ask your email address to send verification. Type in your email address. I suggest you use the email address linked to your Pera Swipe account. Click submit. Lazada will send you verification email.
3. Open verification email in your email account and click verify. A window of the Lazada website will open asking you for a mobile number for activation code sent via SMS. Type in your mobile number. I suggest using number linked to Pera Swipe account. Click send code.
4. A SMS with 6-digit activation code will be sent to your mobile. Type in code on space provided on Lazada. Code is good for 5 minutes. Click activate and your done! A window will open showing you your newly activated e-wallet.

Now, when you reach a certain number of accumulated points on Pera Swipe, click on "store" of your Pera Swipe app then click on Lazada e-wallet. Here, you will find how many points for each top-up. Click on how much you want to redeem and submit. Tuesday is the cut-off for Friday (of the same week) redemption. After Tuesday, all redemptions will be processed the following Friday (the next week).

As of late, Lazada has opened their own Laz Mall. Items with the Laz Mall logo are sold by Lazada itself. Just look for the 'Laz Mall' logo when shopping for a specific item or go straight to Laz Mall.

So, moms, dads, ate, kuya, bunso, Lola, Lolo, Tita and Tito...what are you waiting for? Download the PERA SWIPE app today, type in my referral ID thetiredmamaph for 555 points upon registering, start swiping, and go shopping! Many deals await! You can use my site's Lazada search bar to find items that you may want. Happy shopping!

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  3. Wow! This is great. Will download now!

  4. Great post! I will download it soon. Online shopping is best as compared to offline shopping whether we have to buy baby products or beauty products. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are very welcome! For each month, you can actually earn an average of 150Php-200Php and have all that deposited to your Lazada e-wallet. Some of the more veteran users say they get about 300Php worth of accumulated points. So, let's all SWIPE to that.

    2. And don't forget the weekly vouchers. I have saved so much from those weekly vouchers. You can add your voucher codes even on items from the Flash Sale which is great. You get the item discounted and get an additional voucher discount. It's win-win for us shoppers.


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