Introducing the New Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash

*This is not a sponsored post. It is an honest review. 
I have sensitive skin and my son, unfortunately, has inherited this from me. So, even if he's not a baby anymore and even on his way out of toddlerhood, I still use baby hygiene products. Since my trusty neighborhood drugstore ran out of his usual "Lactacyd Toddlertubs Splash Toddler Wash", the store attendant directed me to their very nicely stacked display of Baby Dove bath products. She said many of the store's customers are raving about the new Baby Dove line and it is recommended for babies and children (and even moms she whispered) who have sensitive skin. She also added that the products have a really nice scent. She advised me to buy the small bottle (200mL) and try it out first. I followed her advice, bought the 200mL bottle of the new Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash and we went home because I was eager to try it out. No, not on me. Son first, then me.☺️

Packaging wise, I liked the make of the bottle. Simple, white, conservative, and very nice to look at. Classic Dove. The bottle comes with its own pump which makes it easier to limit the amount to be used. It is also made in Europe so, it's imported. If you were to judge it by its packaging alone, you would say that the contents itself should be exceptional. 

When I used it for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the scent. Don't get me wrong...It smelled really good but, perfumed. Unlike our usual wash that makes my son smell like a baby or a kid, Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash's scent is more comparable to a young woman's sweet perfume rather than the sweet scent of a baby. I use Dove Bar soap and the bar soap doesn't have an overpowering scent. Needless to say, I was surprised that the baby line is heavily scented. Usually, babies tend to react with perfume or heavily scented products. This is the reason why moms are warned before using products like fabric conditioner/softener, harsh scented detergents, baby cologne, and even scented baby wipes. I say this because my mom warned me about using products that are scented. I didn't listen to her, used a scented fabric softener, and my son developed an allergic reaction. Lesson learned.

Scent aside, lathering capability is 5 stars. With just a small amount, I was able to lather up my son from hair to toe and the scent stuck even if I only used a small amount. For toddlers and older children, I highly recommend Baby Dove Hair to Toe Wash. When kids come home after playing under the sun, they smell sour (some even say like vinegar). After a bath using Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash, your kids will smell like they rolled over a bunch of perfume tester strips.

For newborns and infants, use with caution. The bottle does say that it is hypoallergenic and uses a "no tear" formula but it's heavily scented and it may trigger an allergic reaction. You can try it first to test if your baby's allergic. My son was allergic to Johnson's and Johnson's Tip to Toe Wash and it manifested itself as a white scaly patch on his upper arms. When I switched soaps, after 2 days, it magically disappeared. So, moms, any skin imperfection on your infant may be a sign of an allergic reaction. Be sure to be vigilant.

The New Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash 200mL bottle costs 139 Php (under $3 USD) while the 400mL bottle costs 259 Php ($5 USD) and comes in 2 variants: The Rich Moisture and The Sensitive Moisture. I purchased The Rich Moisture. It's actually cheaper than the Lactacyd Toddlertubs Toddler Wash but, I'm going to stick with Toddlertubs for my son.

Have you tried the new Baby Dove line? Head over to the comments section below and tell me about your experience.

I will continue to buy the Baby Dove Hair to Toe Wash though. Nope, not for my son but for me.☺️ I prefer him smelling like a kid.

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  1. I didn't know that Dove had a baby wash...might have to check this one out, even though my kids are older we still use baby wash sometimes. We use Dove bar soap so why not try this one too!

    1. Yes, definitely! Honestly, it's starting to grow on me. LOL!


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