Lactacyd Toddlertubs Toddler Wash Product Review

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I just made a short product review about the new Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash and I mentioned in that post that I usually use Lactacyd Toddlertubs Splash Toddler Wash (boy, are these bath washes a handful to say). I have been using this bath wash since my son turned 1 year old. Alright, I did buy Baby Dove but, that was because the drugstore ran out of Lactacyd Toddler Wash. Now, I will be discussing why I prefer the Lactacyd Toddler Wash. I am also adding a  comparison between the Baby Dove Wash and the Lactacyd Toddler Wash to provide parents insight before purchasing.

I was first introduced to the Lactacyd baby line the day my baby boy came out of the nursery and was placed in my arms. The hospital I was admitted to provided all the moms a Lactacyd Baby Hygiene Kit. It contained cotton swabs, baby wipes, a thermometer, a baby cap, a medicine dropper, and the Lactacyd Baby Bath. Aside from the kit, nurses at the hospital also gave a demo to new mothers on the proper way to bathe your newborn baby. The nurses were very helpful. When we got home, I set the Lactacyd Baby Bath aside and decided to use the baby bath items I purchased. I stocked up on Johnson and Johnson's baby bath line. I grew up using this so, I decided to continue with the tradition. Unfortunately, my son was allergic.

First, it was facial rashes for which the pedia prescribed Elica cream. With the Elica cream, the rashes went away after 48 hours. Then, my son developed white patches on his upper arms that looked like ringworm. While he was suffering from those itchy patches, his father who regularly bathed him in the morning also developed white patches on his hands. We all thought that it may be a fungal infection and we treated it as such. I was quite flustered because the 2 men in my life were itchy. I decided to change my son's bath wash to the Lactacyd Baby Bath that the hospital gave us. After 2 days, the white patches on both my son and his father went away. Apparently, they were both allergic to the Johnson and Johnson's baby wash. Consequently, my son's father found an immense joy that he and his son had a father, like son.☺️
When my son turned 1 year old, we graduated from the Lactacyd Baby Bath (recommended for babies 0-12 months) and moved on to the Lactacyd Toddlertubs Splash Toddler Wash. Although it is basically a body wash, we use it also as shampoo for his hair. Many people who have held my son always notice the nice baby smell of my son. Of course, I go on and recommend the Lactacyd Toddler Wash telling them that my son has had no recurrence of allergies since he was a baby.

What do I LOVE about the Lactacyd Toddlertubs Toddler Wash?
  • It's hypoallergenic and hydrating. Lactacyd Toddler Wash contains moisturizers to prevent dryness and irritation, so baby is touched with a fresh smoothness.
  • It contains the same active ingredients as the Lactacyd Baby Bath, Lactoserum and Lactic Acid, which are natural milk extracts that are dermatologically tested to be safe on a baby's sensitive skin, nourishing while cleansing. Lactoserum and Lactic Acid are also known to fight odor-causing bacteria to keep active toddlers protected all day long.
  • It has a nice baby/kiddie scent that is not harsh or overwhelming. It will leave a nice lingering fresh, clean scent on your child that lasts all day long even after your kid comes home after playing in the sun.
  • Lathers well and can be used as a shampoo. You also only need a small amount to bathe your child from head to foot. The 250 mL bottle can last for a minimum of 4 weeks depending on the frequency of baths.
  • Comes in 2 variants (Bubbles and Splash) and 2 bottle sizes (60 ml and 250mL). The Bubbles variant (purple) has a sweet baby fresh scent while the Splash variant (yellow) has more of a zesty fruity kiddie scent.
Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash vs. Lactacyd Toddlertubs Toddler Wash

Both washes have great lathering capabilities and serve their purpose to cleanse your child's sensitive skin. Both also can be used from head to foot. So where lies the difference?
Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash
  • Packaging is great. Nice bottle and comes with a pump. The bottle itself can be reused.
  • Affordable. 200mL bottle is only 139 Php (under $3 USD). Don't want to use liquid soap? You can use Baby Dove Bath Bar Soap for 40 Php (under $1 USD).
  • Comes in 2 variants: Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture with 2 bottle sizes (200 mL and 400 ml).
  • Scent lingers.
  • Uses a "no tear" formula
  • Heavily scented. Instead of a baby or kiddie scent, it smells more like a young woman's perfume. Maybe they should look into making a baby powder scent rather than it being perfumed. Just a suggestion.
  • When used on my son's hair as a shampoo, after washing, my son's hair comes out kind of stiff. 
  • No travel size.

Lactacyd Toddlertubs Toddler Wash
  • It costs a bit more compared to Baby Dove. The 60 ml bottle (travel size) is 79 Php (under $2 USD) and the 250 ml is 189 Php (under $4 USD).
  • The bottle doesn't come with a pump; you have to pour it unto your palm or washcloth so, it's hard to limit the amount to use per wash.
  • No bottle size bigger than 250mL. 
My Final Thoughts

I really love Lactacyd Toddlertubs Splash Toddler Wash. My son has remained allergy free, he has a scent that I have grown very fond of, and his hair is very soft after each wash with Lactacyd Toddlertubs Splash Toddler Wash. After playing outside under the heat of the sun and drenched in sweat, my son doesn't smell sour at all and still has a lingering fresh scent. Honestly,  I don't like the perfume smell of Baby Dove on my son. For me, it's just not the right fit. Anyway, it all boils down to preference. ☺️
So, which one do you prefer? Head down to the comments section and share your experience.

Stay healthy and happy!

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