Filipinos Can Now Earn Prepaid Mobile Credits using the Snippet Media App

Due to the Train (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion) Law, prices of almost all products and commodities have increased. Of course, for every Pinoy, this means cutting costs, rearranging the budget to adjust to the new price scheme, and finding new ways to supplement the needs of the family. One way of supplementing the budget is by downloading rewards apps that allow a user to "earn" points by doing menial tasks that can be redeemed for prepaid credits or gift checks. This is a great way to get certain items without having to tap into your household's usual budget. I mentioned one app called Pera Swipe in a previous post which allows users to redeem prepaid credits, Lazada Vouchers, and top-ups in the form of cash that's deposited into your Lazada e-wallet or Cliqq app wallet. I stumbled upon another app called Snippet Media that allows you to earn points that you can exchange for prepaid mobile credits. Although, Pera Swipe allows you to do the same and much more, having another app that can compliment Pera Swipe can be an added bonus.

Snippet Media - Read What Matters launched December of last year and prides itself on being a pioneering infotainment digital media app that provides its users content that matter to them. The app is available for Android and iOS. You can download Snippet Media here.

After downloading the app, the app will ask you to select a number of topics that interest you and you will receive a "new user" reward in the form of Kachings. Don't forget to add this invitation code 48736 to earn more Kachings. More Kachings means more points for prepaid mobile credit. Take note, 300 Kachings is equivalent to 1 Piso.

What you can expect to see on Snippet Media. Screenshots by The Tired Mama-Ph
Complete your profile for more points and you are ready to go. You can start browsing the various articles or videos that the app has lined up for you based on your selection upon logging in. Just click on what captures your attention, read, watch, like and/or share. When you perform a "task" like reading a post, watching a video, liking a post, or sharing a post with any of your social media accounts, you earn corresponding Kachings. In addition to this, you can also earn points by "checking in" each day and by clicking the "treasure chest" every 2 hours. You need a minimum of 6000 Kachings to redeem a 20-Peso mobile credit.

As of this writing, you can only redeem prepaid mobile credits for Smart and Globe. Rest assured, Snippet Media is finding a way to include the other cellular networks as well as add more rewards that may suit its users.

Since, the 20 peso credit is always sold out, your next option is accumulating 30000 Kachings for 100 Peso credit. It took me around 10 days to reach 30000. After converting my Kachings to prepaid credits, the mobile load was sent to the mobile number I specified after 2 days. So, yes, it's legit!

To update everyone, last October 24, the Snippet Media app has undergone an update and although mostly everything is the same: you read, watch, like or share and you earn Kachings by doing any of these tasks, there is now a minor change regarding redemption. The small problem is the value of Kachings is not the same. If before, you just needed to accumulate 30000 Kachings for a 100 Peso mobile credit, Kachings now undergo a currency exchange to Pisows. There is no standard exchange; exchange depends on the traffic. That is, if more people use the app, high exchange. If not, expect a much lower exchange. So far, after 6 days since the update, all my Kachings only amount to a few Pisows. Now, it's Hardee for me to reach whatever amount to get a redemption. However, if you are an active user, you can probably earn more.

So, my fellow Pinoys, download Snippet Media now for free load. At least, you don't have to shell out cash to buy load any longer. Just read or watch, like and share!

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