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It's Halloween once again! It's the time to get festive with clever costumes and spooky Halloween recipes. I know the kids are already excited to go Trick-or-Treating. I know I was when I was a kid.

One thing I remember from my childhood is that when Halloween came, all I could think about was the candy I was going to collect. No doubt, all the kids are thinking the same. It's hard to concentrate on boring schoolwork when all you can think about are costumes and loot. Right now, my son is busy deciding what he wants to "transform" into for Halloween and has cast his books aside to focus on his costume. Of course, as a parent, it's up to me to find a way to spice up his educational journey.  What better way than to find other activities he can do such as worksheets and games to keep him motivated.

Fun Worksheets at

Good thing I found makes learning for kids of all ages FUN! It is a site that houses thousands of games, projects, worksheets, exercises, and activities that our children can enjoy. Their resources are endless and support learning for children from Pre-school to the 5th Grade as well as Middle School and High School students. For parents who do homeschooling, this website also has a Worksheet Generator that allows you to create and design your own worksheets catered to your children's learning experience while adding your own personal touch. enables parents to provide their children with a unique and fun way of learning. Honestly, kids are motivated to learn more when they are having fun.

Sample of printable Halloween worksheet from
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And since it's Halloween, why not a Halloween-themed worksheet? Surely, it will capture your child's interest and it will be a fun activity for him to do.

Here's the FREE HALLOWEEN WORD SCRAMBLE WORKSHEET that you and your child can enjoy working on together!

This word scramble is sure to scare up some Halloween spirit! Be sure to check out more fun activities at! 

Can't print it now? Pin it for later!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Thanks Tired Mama for the freebie! This post gives great info about Now, I kmow where I can get free printables for the kids.


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