Being Part of Shop2Give for UNICEF, An Event of Unilever Partnered With Lazada

I have become a patron of online shopping and when I say patron, I  make weekly purchases for numerous household and gift items, beauty products and apparels, toys, and certain grocery items. If the Philippines had Amazon, I would probably be one of their many regular costumers. I have heard the news that the e-commerce giant is making its way to Asia. Well, I hope Amazon gets here soon... Just a little wishful thinking on my part.

Not that I don't like Lazada...I love Lazada. Most especially now, customers have an option to cancel purchases and have their money refunded if there is a "change of mind". I recently did this. I changed my mind a minute after I checked out. My order was canceled and my money refunded back to my PayPal account a day after. Good thing I did that because I found out about the Shop2Give promo of Unilever that happened last October 17. It was something I could not pass.

I received my notification email about the event a day before. I scratched my head in frustration because I had made countless purchases beforehand such as new shoes (for my partner) and cosmetics and beauty products (Lazada had a beauty event last October 10) that left me with $10 remaining in my PayPal account and a few hundred pesos in my Lazada e-wallet. In the email, it said that starting 12MN on October 17, Unilever products will be included in the " Flash Sales" and that customers will be given free shipping for all Unilever products included in the Shop2Give event. For every product bought, Unilever will also donate those products to the "Kids of UNICEF". Customers can avail of huge discounts while giving in return. Buy 1, Give 1...for the kids. This was such a generous offer of Unilever. I anxiously awaited 12MN to see what I can get my hands on before stocks ran out. I hoped that whatever money I had would be enough to get me some items needed here at home and help Unilever with their cause.

My box of purchases from the Shop2Give event.

I was not disappointed. When the clock struck midnight, I hastily scrolled down the items listed in the Flash Sale and made my first purchase, a shampoo and conditioner holiday pack of TRESemmé for 50 Php ($1). My luck! I have always wanted to try the brand but, I always considered it to be a bit expensive. Imagine my surprise when my package arrived. I didn't expect that the bottles of shampoo (600mL) and conditioner (340mL) were big.

I wasn't able to purchase any more Unilever items in the Flash Sales because, one,  they ran out of stock quickly and two, my partner refuses to use men's personal care products. He says he doesn't need them. It's true... He has nice skin. I'm the one with the many skin allergies and skin conditions. I did buy a small box of dominos and lip masks (I wonder if these masks will make my lips pink) from the Flash Sales to add to the shampoo.

So I could purchase even more items, I visited the Unilever Flagship Store of Lazada and scanned the numerous products on sale. I was able to get the new Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Hair to Toe Baby Wash (149Php or $3) and Baby Dove Bar Soap (40Php or just under $1) I recently made a product review on one product of The Baby Dove New Baby Line. I had issues with the scent of that baby wash and I was happy to find a 'fragrance-free' Baby Dove Hair to Toe Wash. And lucky me, both items were on sale with free shipping.

Since our stock of toothpaste was running low, I bought a 145mL tube of Close-up toothpaste (89Php or just under $2).

I wasn't able to buy dishwashing liquid because it ran out of stock. I had already purchased 2 big bottles of Breeze Liquid Detergent before the sale so, I decided not to add. I buy my detergent using the credits I accumulate from the Pera Swipe app so, basically the detergent I purchase from Lazada is free...I just need to make the effort to swipe daily.

After 3 working days, I have received all my purchases and I only spent $8 (dominos and lip masks were $1). Not bad. And I was able to help Unilever with their cause for UNICEF. I was able to avail of some great stuff with huge discounts and I did charity. It's a win-win for everyone!

My "THANK YOU" card included in my box.


I also received a "Thank You" card for helping the cause in my box of purchases. To UNICEF, my pleasure! I hope to do more in the future. To Unilever and Lazada, many thanks for allowing your customers to benefit as well as providing a platform to reach out and help those in need. It was a nice experience. I will definitely participate in events like these in the future.

Thank you once again! Maraming, maraming, Salamat Po!

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