The Macababbad's Orchidarium of Busilac: A Beautiful Stop as You Travel Through Luzon

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Although it is now possible to take a plane ride to Cagayan and fly over Banaue (which is home to the famous Banaue Rice Terraces) as part of a tour, the usual mode of travel by local and foreign tourists is by land either by bus or by car, owned or otherwise. It's a long drive...about 10 hours from Manila if your destination is the famous Banaue Rice Terraces or a day's drive if you are headed to Cagayan. The building of expressways have made travel to these places a bit easier and faster, but it is still a long journey nonetheless. And because it is such a lengthy trip, stopovers are necessary. At a typical stopover, one can relieve himself, have a cup of coffee, and have a snack or meal. These typical stopovers serve their purpose and usually, that's it. There is no view nor attraction that you can see or get a nice selfie to show off on social media. There is one place along the National Highway, about 4 km away from the Provincial Capitol of Nueva Vizcaya...MACABABBAD'S ORCHIDARIUM.

Macababbad's Orchidarium taken at sunset. Image credit: Owner
The Macababbad's Orchidarium is a quaint property that has been transformed into a beautiful orchid garden with resort-like landscaping and amenities. There are restrooms, a patio to sit and rest, a fountain and gazebo, and rows and rows of orchids, some originating from various places around the Philippines and others from different countries the owner has been to. You can stretch your legs a bit and capture a nice selfie with a beautiful orchid as your backdrop. For orchid aficionados, it is a haven. If you would like to see an orchid indigenous to a specific continent of this planet, this is the place to go.

The Macababbad's Orchidarium is a great rest stop for any weary traveler and they serve coffee and fresh pastries so you can get perked up before heading to your destination. Rested and full- the optimum way to travel.

As of this writing, Macababbad's Orchidarium charges 10 Php ($0.20 USD) for entrance. All proceeds will be donated to the Senior Citizens of Busilac. It is the owner's way of giving back to our dear Senior Citizens for their contributions to society that have molded what we call Philippines today.

So, if you want a short break from traveling and would like to soak up the view of the Sierra Madre and Cordillera Mountain Range, or you are an orchid aficionado that so happens to be traveling through Luzon or maybe you just want a cup of joe or maybe need a nice orchid backdrop...head over to Macababbad's Orchidarium. I guarantee you won't regret it. It is really a beautiful stop as you travel through Luzon.

The Macababbad's Orchidarium is located at Puroń∑ 3, Busilac, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. It is along the National Highway near Busilac Elementary School. If you have any questions, you may contact them through email: Operating Hours: 9 A.M.- 4 P.M. every Saturday and Sunday

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