Welcoming the New Year 2019 + free printable calendar

Farewell 2018...and HELLO 2019. A new year and a fresh start. This is the reason why I love celebrating New Year's. We are all given a chance to begin anew with positive energy to kickstart our engines for a healthier and happier you. Look at it as a new chapter of your book of the story you call LIFE.

If you start your New Year with New Year's Resolutions, here's my list of resolutions that I try to live by each and every year.

1. Always grab an opporunity. Never miss out on making a possibility into a reality.
2. Don't do anything or say anything that you will regret.
3. Think before you click.
4. Smile. Be kind.
5. Always treat people with respect.
6. Try not to judge.
7. Take a moment to stop tinkering with your gadgets so you can actually soak in the experience.
8. Have courage and have faith.
9. Love yourself.
10. Always make sure to show the people you care about that you love them...every day.

Usually, people make a promise to follow a "healthier" lifestyle. Take it one step at a time. Exercise- you can start with walking. Eat or drink in moderation. End one bad habit. You can't just quit all your vices in one day thinking you won't suffer from withdrawal. Pick one bad habit and focus on that. When you are done junking that habit, you can move on to next. See? You are moving on to a healthier you.

Of course, don't forget the mind. Read more, ask more, have a conversation, get into a debate, explore, experience, and wonder just like a kid. There are endless possibilities out there. Don't limit yourself.

Your family will always be there for you...through thick and thin. Never forget that.

Most important, when problems come your way, look at the silver lining. There is always a solution to every problem. It may not be easy and the situation rough but, there are people who love you and there is always, always someone willing to help. So, when someone reaches out, extend your hand and hold on. Get the help that you need. And when you are okay, try your best to pay it forward.

Happy New Year Everyone!

By the way, here's a simple 2019 calendar that you can print out.

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