Welcoming Spring and Easter with Education.com + Free Printable Worksheet

Spring is definitely here and of course, Easter is right around the corner. My son is going to be enrolled for this school year as a kindergartener and to get him school-ready, I have been working with him with worksheets from Education.com.

Education.com is a wonderful tool for various worksheets that you can print out. Their worksheets come in an assortment of activities; from mazes to word comprehension and spelling as well as basic mathematics. For moms who have decided to homeschool their Pre-K children like myself, Education.com can help you find activities to keep your kids on their toes as well as facilitating the process of further abstract learning. And moms, registration is free!

Here's a gift from Education.com... A free Easter printable worksheet that you can download for the kiddies. Don't forget to head over to Education.com to check out more free printables that you and your child can enjoy before the next school year starts. 

Enjoy and Happy Easter Everyone!

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