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Hi! I'm Marie! I'm The Tired Mama and "Whatever The Tired Mama thinks, The Tired Mama writes". I'm a versatile blogger, or so they say, who writes mostly about health because that concerns all of us, parenting or mommy issues because I'm one myself, and issues affecting the Philippines because I'm a Filipino. Fast fact: I started a blog out of protest on the day declared the Day of Protest. Being a mom is already physically draining as it is, but when issues in your country and the world affect you and your family, you will probably feel the way I feel- one very sick and tired momma. And I just had to speak up. I was just tired of staying quiet.

From being an instrument of protest, now writing(blogging) gives me great pleasure, a sense of pride, and a tool to help others while I also help myself. I know there are so many wonderful things in this world that I can write about like, let's say, chocolate but, everyone knows that chocolate is delicious. So why write about something everyone knows? I aim to write to educate, the more delicate or unusual the topic, the better.

Life is a process of learning- everyone wants to learn something new, maybe in the form of general knowledge to the aspiring wisdom. When a person has more knowledge then that person gains a bigger understanding. When a person gains a bigger understanding or perspective, he gains wisdom thus living by example. This eradicates biases, which in turn removes suffering and marginalization. See? So if we can't put our petty differences aside, we can't work together to make this world a better place, then we lose.  We want a big and brighter future for everyone and I know we can all make it happen.

I write to release some of the stress I go through. I write so I can voice out my opinion and maybe be a conduit for others who have the same perspective but, just can't say it. I write to help right a wrong. I write so I won't feel marginalized. I write so I may be able to reach out and help people along the way.

I write my blogs to help people in any way I can because through my writing I can be heard...and through my writing, you can help me help others in need.

When my readers are happy, I'm happy.

So, all of you can expect me to write about parenting, health, maybe even tech-related topics(this is the digital era and we can't do away with that) and certain current events happening in my beloved Philippines. I also have written articles defining certain concepts which some may want to broaden their knowledge of- for with knowledge, we can move forward towards that big and brighter future that we all want.

It's great to be a mom, it's very rewarding. Being physically exhausted isn't actually a problem. I love it. What weighs heavily on me is the future-trying to keep the peace last a bit longer. That makes me so tired- the constant squabble around the world. The world is such a big place. Can't we all just get along?

 I'll make the most of what the world is today. Whatever I can find, think of, see, hear, feel,  maybe even smell...I'll write about it. But, right now I have to lie down.

Yes, I'm tired alright.

If you need to contact The Tired Mama-ph, that's me, Marie,
you can email me at sheilamarie070677@gmail.com
or you can visit my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thetiredma/ and send me a message there.
I'm also on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/TiredMamaPH
And you can also find me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/thetiredmama.ph

Will soon be on YouTube. Please watch out.

For all you Filipinos, I reside in Davao City, Philippines, the home city of the current President. You never know you may bump into The Tired Mama.


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